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18 things about the class of 2018

*DISCLAIMER: so, in true teen-fashion I’ve let this blog simmer here half written for two months while I’ve been sunning it up in Southern Spain, classing it down in Magaluf, and procrastinating from the comfort of my own bed. The introduction now no longer makes sense because my exams finished months ago (and we only… Continue reading 18 things about the class of 2018

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DIVIDE. ED SHEERAN. NO WORDS. (track-by-track review)

(sorry this is so long, I’m clearly just over-excited/obsessed/mentally unnerved by Divide’s brilliance – feel free to ignore everything I’m saying and just look at the pretty blue graphics)   Can we just all take a minute to let all other comparatively inane thoughts fade into insignificance, and devote our deserved attention on Divide, Ed… Continue reading DIVIDE. ED SHEERAN. NO WORDS. (track-by-track review)

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*HAPPY NEW YEAR; HERE’S TO A HOPEFULLY FANTASTIC 2017 (to be fair though, there hasn’t really been a bar set, it’s 97% impossible to look bad compared to 2016)* Pages: 369 Genre: YA sci-fi/adventure/space  Links: Goodreads // Amazon // The Book Depository Recommend-Worthy: a light-hearted and easy-going yet grounded debut; I would definitely recommend (especially before you watch/instead of watching the… Continue reading THE MARTIAN | REVIEW