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Hunger Games Characters as Pancake Toppings

Hi all!

Before I jump into the alternate world of pancakes and Panem, I would just like to leave a link to Paper Fury (Cait’s blog) as this is where the idea has stemmeimaged from; I’m pretty certain she did a pizza topping/book genre variant a couple of years ago.

Yes, food posts clearly make me very excited.

Also, today’s obligatory (or not, feel free) background music is Everybody Wants To Rule The World – Lorde. World domination is always the desired outcome for pancake-posts, especially when the music involved is from the Hunger Games soundtrack.


Katniss Everdeen – THE PANCAKE

Why just a plain pancake? Yes, I agree Katniss deserves a more exuberant topping, but for this whole thing to work Katniss needs to be the pancake of the scenario. Wait! Don’t switch off just yet as I do have some backing up partial reasoning for this:

I think that throughout the whole of the trilogy Katniss definitely has been seen at stark high’s and dire lows, and whilst she herself has done tremendous amounts of growing as a person, I feel as if it is the people around her (aka the toppings) that have such an impact on her effect.


Haymitch Abernathy- MAPLE SYRUP

Pancake4By itself, I think it’s fair to claim that this godly topping tastes of trees (maple = tree: well done me.) and everyone is very confused *shakes head*. However, when paired with the context of a plain pancake, this is SECOND TO NONE. I mean it. I’m pretty sure maple syrup was destined for pancake-related consumption. Katniss and Haymitch are just my favourite pairing in the trilogy – they bounce off each other so well, and are so alike yet so different, making them a perfect coupling.

Effie Trinket – LEMON AND SUGAR

Pancake6We tend to not understand why we like this combination so much, or why it works on top of a pancake, but dammnnnnnnn is it good. Effie is the kookiest character, and we love her for it. I don’t think the series would quite be the same without her outbursts.

“That is mahogany!” will forever be my go-to phrase.

Peeta Mellark – STRAWBERRIES

Pancake2A staple choice: a complimentary combination for pancake-perfection. When Peeta’s being tortured by the Capitol, Katniss experiences similar emotions to me when we’ve run out of strawberries at home ;-; (terror, isolation, trauma, weeping etc etc) 


Gale Hawthorne – NATURAL YOGHURT


We sour towards him at the end of the book after what he did to *cough*, mirroring the effect of a natural yoghurt. For me, the combination doesn’t particularly float my boat but  some people absolutely adore the coupling.


Pancake3He definitely adds a whole different texture to the pancake, and completely transforms the flavour profile. I think it’s awfully hard to dislike this pancake variant, and although we may not immediately predispose ourselves to like it, once we’ve tried it there’s no going back.

Joanna – NUTELLA; perhaps with a banana variant?


Just 1 million times yes, marry me now please. HEAVENLY. 


Primrose – Buttermilk pancake


“Can I not have the blueberry?”//”Can you make me a nutella-pancake instead please?” Unfortunately, she is never really anyone’s first choice – her lack of exuberance in the main plot line for a substantial period of the trilogy makes us forget about her in parts (well, unless Katniss is talking about her goat).

However, let’s just say that you’ll be devastated when that buttermilk pancake has been taken away and you are left with nothing.


BEETEE – No toppings

DSC_0743To me, I think Beetee had his day in the arena, and I was a firm Wiress supporter over him. I didn’t really see why they chose to keep him in the third film, as it was mainly us following Katniss and he didn’t really enhance the plot-line that majorly (well apart from creating those hideous devices with Gale *weeps*). He is mainly used as a vehicle to facilitate the growth and development of other characters – something that the “no toppings” variant amounts to.

PRESIDENT SNOW – Bacon PancakesBacon

Although it shouldn’t work, and it seems odd to mix a sweet breakfast food with maple syrup and bacon, we secretly ADORE it. I don’t think the trilogy would be the same at all Jakewithout Snow, and his relationship with our protagonist. I feel like people are slightly ashamed of asking for bacon on their pancakes for fear of appearing greedy, or overindulgent – but trust me, we all understand it and agree that this is a perfect combination.


CRESSIDA – Mixed fruit/honey/whatever you want!

Pancake5Just yes. yes. yes. Under-rated, but just as good.

I hope you enjoyed this here blogpost and you have formulated some views of your own on which topping you would associate with a HG character. I’d love to see who/what you think would make a great pairing – comment down below!

What topping is your favourite?



19 thoughts on “Hunger Games Characters as Pancake Toppings

  1. What a wonderful post!! 😀 (Now I’m hungry though…) Great idea to give characters pancake toppings haha. I haven’t tasted pancakes with bacon sounds delicious though!!

    French people have these awesome pancakes: crepe suzette (oranges) and then orange liqeurs or other liquers and then they flame it up for you 😀 that would be for Katniss I guess…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yoghurt was a new one to me, I must admit, but you HAVE to try the others – they are all so good ;-;

      Lemon and sugar is such a classic and it is now very dear to me 😛 (Maybe it’s a British thing? Who knows!)

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  2. Food is everything – who doesn’t get excited about food??? 😀
    I’m just a bit hungry after reading this post…and I just had lunch! xD
    I definitely agree about Peeta being like strawberries! Let’s not forget he’s pretty sweet too, much like (good) strawberries! ❤
    Such a cool post! :))

    Liked by 1 person

    1. To be honest with you, neither had I before I made this blog 😛 I gave it a whirl (research measures, of course…!) and I must say they are soooooo good. I would definitely recommend them over some of my usual go-to toppings.

      Glad you agree with the pairings 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


    1. WHAT?! *throws books in your direction* I would definitely recommend you check them out then! 😛 They’re all so gripping and indulging! At least you’ve eaten pancakes though – that redeems the situation 😉

      Glad you like the blog – thank you very much for stopping by and taking the time to comment!


    1. Pancakes, and Hunger Games are like my two favourite things, and so I thought why not combine them! Glad you liked the descriptions, and yesssss nutella! 🙂 (although I must admit lemon and sugar, and maple syrup are two other all-time favourites)

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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