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February Wrap-Up // March TBR

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The dissipation of February gives way to the strands of spring – March is now truly here, and where did all of the time go? Today I would like to dip my toe in the waters (metaphorical, of course, it’s still freezing) of this generic blogging meme and run-down the month just past.


Die for Me // The Accident // The Death Cure // The Testing // Independent Study

This month was a pretty average dissection of my reading schedule. Firstly, I finished off the Maze Runner series by James Dashner and although I was not overly enthused at the start of the trilogy with the lack of character development, this book really was it’s own demise – especially the ending. (I feel like that deserves a double underline). 2/5 stars.


I then progressed to starting a new teenager/YA series of dystopian fiction known as The Testing (by Joelle Charbonneau) and I really enjoyed the read. Though all dystopias have been somewhat destroyed by comparisons to the Hunger Games for me, these books stood up for themselves by creating a dynamic plot line and likeable characters. 4/5 stars.

Attempting to push myself (if vary precariously) out of my bookish comfort zone, I then read The Accident by  C. L. TaylorWhat a divulging read!! Mental illness, murder, and suicide all made for thoroughly engaging topics that I had usually steered clear from, and an excellent thriller:a genre which I will now definitely be reading more of. 4.25/5 stars. 

Because self-promotion is in this month, here’s a review.

It appears as my month progressed, I enjoyed the books more (that, or I ate more donuts and was therefore positive by default *nods*) and Die For Me by Amy Plum (as recommended by the wonderful Kirstie @ Upside-Down Books) was no different. I loved this book, and the proceeding novels in the Revenants trilogy firmly deserve their place on this month’s TBR – list down below. 4.825/5 stars. 

Self-promotion is definitely the way forward. *confetti* (Leonardo’s shiny forehead will suffice)


(Alert: if you aren’t fully up to date with The Walking Dead, don’t read this section as it may provide some suggestion of which characters are still alive – via photo form.)



The Walking Dead Season 6 has been SO good. Besides being my favourite TV show of all time (I’m veritably sorry, Miranda), it has really improved this season and is definitely at its peak right now.


As well as that, I’ve begun to rematch the whole thing (yes, I’m sad, poke your fun *shakes head*) and revisiting Seasons 1 and 2 has been a thing of beauty. It’s so interesting to compare past, and present characters, see their development and notice all of the foreshadowing/little details that you brush past on the first watch.

Secondly, my best friends recommended me to watch Pretty Little Liars around 2 months ago now, and since I have been furiously delving into the series – it has been so worth it. I am currently completely caught up, and am enjoying the 5 year time-shift they have implemented. (Although, I wish the plot would be more episode-specific).

… Oh, and did I mention that I’m loving The Walking Dead? *cheers*




I saw Deadpool with a group of my friends a couple of weeks into February, and it was honestly so funny. I’m not the biggest fan of superhero movies as a whole (sorry to generalise) but this was on its own level of humour and completely unique to anything I had seen before. I 110% recommend you see this film, the cheeky humour was so well placed!!

Also, I’m now really hyped for Suicide Squad!




STATS: 8 posts // 8941 words // a multitude of Scream Queens gifs and an over-representative insight of my love of food.


The City of Ghosts.


March TBR

Until I Die – Amy Plum // If I Should Die – Amy Plum // SEKRET – Lindsay Smith // Follow Me Back – Nicci Cloke // Wolf by Wolf Ryan Graudin // We Were Liars – E. Lockhart


Your TurnHow was your February? Leave links to your wrap-ups/wind-downs/favourites/months in review below!!


14 thoughts on “February Wrap-Up // March TBR

  1. I’m glad you had such a good reading month! I read a lot of good stuff in February too, but I also had a bunch of two star books, so that was lame. 😛 I haven’t read any of the books you read in February, but they all look interesting. And I really like The Walking Dead, but I’m still on season two because I keep having to cut it out of my schedule to get other things done. *sad face* It’s a really great show, though, and I’m looking forward to catching up eventually.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You 100% NEED to watch The Walking Dead – I’m legitimately setting you that as homework (I will be checking!!). Ah, two star books are indeed lame. *shakes head* – I hope you have a better March book-wise!


  2. I’m rooting for you! I hope you can complete your TBR! I have Wolf By Wolf on my TBR too and We Were Liars is a great novel! I absolutely love your poem! It’s amazing! Your futures songs are my favourites too! I need to watch Deadpool! I’ve heard many good things about it!


  3. I enjoyed Deadpool too! I think for me, the best thing was definitely the humour! I actually remembered what happened in the movie after walking out of the movies – and I don’t usually with the other superhero movies!
    Also, your March TBR is like 40% similar to mine haha – I want to read Wolf by Wolf and We Were Liars is on my TBR!! :O WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?? 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  4. OOH SO MANY AWESOME BOOKS!! *flails* I love and adore We Were Liars and I’m really hoping to read Wolf by Wolf this month too. XD I keep procrastinating it?!? For like no reason, so idek what’s up with my brain. I’m sad you didn’t like the Maze Runner series though. *cries quietly* I loved the ending, but it definitely was very open, so I can see how it’s not for everyone. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. *flails in unison* YESSSS for a new selection. I’m really hoping I love We Were Liars as much as everyone else does, and funnily enough I have just started Wolf by Wolf – the opening = incredible (so far…).

      The ending just wasn’t for me, but I can see how it’s appealing to some – the whole deal-y with Teresa just annoyed me *gruntles*.

      YOU TOO!! Thanks for stopping by 😀


  5. Amazing post! I’ve only started doing Monthly wrap-ups this year (ive done 2 so far) and I’ve definitely got some tips on how to write it even better! As for the book side of things, We Were Liars is on my TBR to be read in the near future and I’m interested in reading another CL Taylor book, so I’ve got suggestions here to bulk out my TBR, so thank you 🙂 great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe thanks!! I’d love any and all tips to improve my blog – I’m relatively new to this all still, and just trying to experiment a bit 🙂 I’m really excited to get into we were liars, and I also really want to read the LIE by C. L. Taylor soon – perhaps in my April TBR (eheh this isn’t going well, deciding even more books to read before finishing these!)

      Thanks for stopping by!! 🙂


      1. You’re doing great, this is a great post set up! I read Saving London which is by the CL Taylor writing under the name Taylor Dawn, which was my first ARC as a blogger, I recommend it, a good paranormal angelic fiction read!

        Liked by 1 person

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