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Throwback Thursday #2 – What would you tell your past-bookish self?

TBT2As bloggers, I’m more than sure that you are all well aware of the stigma surrounding the intimidating stature of “TBRs” and the ever-looming nature of a “wish-list”. I thought that to make a change from constantly looking forward, it would be a fun little idea to recollect on my bookish past with a new weekly meme I’m hoping to start here on Intro To Blurb. Primarily, this is for my own personal motivation, and to be able to have a blog prepared every Thursday (*nods*) but if you like a topic one week, be sure to join in!

If you decide to immerse yourself in emotions of bookish nostalgia one week, feel free to link up here – I will most certainly check out any/all blogs of the sort:

Nostalgia is just the best feeling, and so I hope you would enjoy joining me in this weekly discussion of all things related to our bookish pasts. This week’s theme is:


This would 100% be the first thing I say. Books are enjoyable, granted, but old-me: please stop using them as an excuse to fuel being lazy. Read a book outside. Multi-task. I don’t really mind how you do it, just make sure you stay on top of everything (or most things, let’s not lie, I’m not expecting perfection!)

2) It’s okay to not be okay with a book.

*insert Jessie J “Nobody’s Perfect”*

The whole point of reading is to immerse yourself in another dimension, and formulate OPINIONS. When I used to read, I’m pretty sure I used to never make judgements on a book I didn’t like, because to me, that would be wrong – all books are amazing, right? NO. Now that I have developed into a somewhat semi-evolved human, I am happy to say that I have learnt to pick out the things I would change in what I read, and make those judgements known to anyone bothering to listen.


3) Read what you want, with your own schedule.

Reading is a HOBBY, a PAST-TIME and/or a LEISURE ACTIVITY (what was the point in listing three words that are virtually synonyms, I hear you ask? RULE OF THREE PEOPLE *nods furiously*). Schedules are an annoying habit of mine… well, in actual fact I live by them – the reminders on my phone keep my day-to-day being in check, and I always have to write down a list of events for my brain to say “hold up, what are we doing – when, and where?” (usually it’s too focussed on making me eat, I lose track of important things).

However, reading is different – there should be no schedule in place (well unless under pressure from an ARC deadline or the like!!!). It’s a hobby, and I should have learnt long ago to do it at my own pace, and on my own terms to enhance the enjoyment.

4) Always pack a plethora of reading for summer holidays.

For me, summer holidays currently serve as the most bountiful week for reading in the whole calendar year. I always used to be about playing in the swimming pool, or paddling in the sea – something which I would still happily do, however I have grown to like sunbathing with music and a good book instead. There’s nothing better than reading for half an hour, and then jumping in the pool to cool down and remove the clamminess!!

5) Food is your friend when it comes to reading.

SNACKSSSSSSSS. That is all. 

It doesn’t matter what or where I’m reading, I feel so much better if I have a little bowl of edibility beside me. And let’s not lie, it’s usually Mini Eggs 98% of the time – I mean, every situation would improve with a bag of Mini Eggs to hand.



6) Don’t be intimidated.

The sheer stature of books used to be enough to make me flail for the hills in alarm.

I mean 500+ pages? I’ll pass. Thanks though. (that was a fake extension of gratitude)


Now, though I’m still not overly keen on odysseys of literature, I’ll happily reconsider my stance on long books if the plot is enticing. I mean I’d still turn away Lord of The Rings… (*immediately shies away from all blogger contact*) Don’t hate me – please!

7) Music is a wonderful backing to any literary setting.

Music is amazing for a multitude of reasons, and for me, one of the main ones is that it serves as a PERFECT backing to reading. Now, I know this isn’t *everyone’s *cup of tea, but personally I love tea as much as I do listening to music whilst reading – I just find it so much easier to pay attention if there is some sort of noise going on around me. WAIT. Please calm your aspersions and assorted murmurings. I know that sounds really weird – trust me, I agree … I know I’m weird – but I have always found it perversely helpful in revising/reading/donut-devouring and I still don’t really know why. My brain just seems to like being confused on the regular.


8) Make a blog! (Now.)

I wish I had started this blog earlier: I may not have been considered as credible due to a young age, but it would have been awesome to have all of these experiences under my belt and had an extra few months/years/designated-time-period to have developed from. It has been such a fulfilling experience as of yet, and I have loved creating content every few days that may (or may not) be generally allowed by the community’s standards of bookish relation.

Your Turn

Involve yourself with the meme, and revisit your old-bookish self – link me down below (or in the link-up above!). I would love any comments as well: what would be the first thing you would say to yourself from 5 years past?!


17 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday #2 – What would you tell your past-bookish self?

  1. Just found your blog, and this is the post that caught my eyes! Haah… number 1… definitely # 1! I was guilty of it before, and I am guilty of it now. Every day I tell myself, business first, pleasure afterwards… but it always seems to go in the reverse order… zero control is what I’m talking about here, you see?

    Oh, and I’d like to add one more: STOP READING MILLS & BOON! A teenage, dazed, oogly eyed girl’s dream, but hey… bad boys are BAD, and everybody needs to learn to stay away from them… because usually they stay bad… (unless it’s Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle, and you are Sophie! Only Sophie may be able to handle bad boys, my dear younger me… and I’m no Sophie! Never was, never will be!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aha, well thanks for stopping by!

      I completely agree – ZERO CONTROL is an epidemic. I 100% just can’t manage the the line between working, and free time. Maybe I should employ someone to do it for me?


  2. *nods* These are all good (although I don’t actually like snacking while reading). I was always a little nervous to have opinions about books myself. But I think the biggest thing I would tell my younger self would be to not feel bad about rereading books. I went through a stage where I thought it was rather a waste of my time to reread books when there were so many new books to read, but hey, if I want to reread something, I should just go ahead and do that and not judge myself for it. 😛 I also think I should have multitasked more while reading too, because ever since I started walking while reading a few years ago, I found it made it so much better because sometimes I can’t justify reading unless I’m exercising as well, and vice versa.

    Anyway, great post! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Ah! That’s such a good one (re-reading I mean): I always did use to stray away from re-reading books, much like yourself. To be honest, I’m still not so practised in doing it, but at least I am now not so abhorrently against it as I was. Walking and reading?! What is this MADNESS *shakes* – that’s such a good idea though! It’s like a two-birds-one-stone kind of dealy … exercise whilst enjoying yourself. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT. (Too bad I’m a failure of a human and probably wouldn’t be able to manage! eheh.)

      Thanks for stopping by as always – I’m glad you liked the post 🙂


  3. Ahh yess, I’m the same with reading and listening to music. I love listening to music when I read, because when I reread some parts of the book, sometimes, some songs will just come floating to my head again, because I associate passages of the book with those songs now?? I hope that makes sense hahah xD
    But yeah, what do you usually listen to when you read? Like any particular artists, etc.?


    1. Yessss exactly – we’re so in sync *SORCERY AGAIN CLEARLY* I love associating scenes with music, and really I listen to anything and everything. Usually I love something quite calming like Lana Del Rey/ Ed Sheeran/ Adele etc, but recently I have been ADORING Rihanna’s new album, Anti. IT’S SUCH GOOD BACKING. I constantly swap between reading, and having my own personal party aha xD

      What do you listen to??

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s honestly scary now hahaha 😛
        I haven’t heard Rihanna’s new album! ILL MAKE SURE TO LISTEN AND LET YOU KNOW 😀 But I LOVE listening to Ed Sheeran and Adele while reading too, they’re just so emotional sometimes and it’s perfect for those emotional scenes!
        Honestly, it really varies on what mood and book I’m reading – if it’s more of a contemporary book, then yeah, Ed Sheeran, Adele, Taylor Swift – most pop music as well.
        With action/adventure/fantasy books – EDM is my jam haha – it’s similarly fast paced! 😀


  4. I probably would have told a younger me the same things – except the part about packing plenty of books before going on a trip, I don’t think that was ever really a problem… 🙂 Also, I’m happy to sit in the shade with a good book – not in direct sunlight. I’m far to pale and burn much too easily for that.

    By the way, I nominated you for another thing – the Dragon Loyalty Award. It seems like a good way to get to know your fellow bloggers. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aha, I’m all about the sunbathe reading but I’m sure the shade works just as well too!! (Especially because you won’t burn – *applies SPF 2940*)

      Aw thankyou for the nomination – I really appreciate that 🙂 Will definitely give it a go soon!


  5. First, I LOVE the Miranda meme, Miranda is my favourite 🙂 I think i’d tell my younger self to stop trying to read faster than everyone else and missing half the book and to not make myself deadlines because then I just get stressed and cant get anything else done 🙂

    lots of love, Marianne xxx


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yesssss I ADORE Miranda – such a good TV Show, and Miranda herself is my favourite comedian!
      Definitely agree about the struggles of deadlines; I don’t think they should be coupled with reading!! 😛

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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