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Blog-a-versary: one month on | the tips and tricks of starting a blog.

Hello there!



One month is such a long time for me to commit to anything – I’m generally someone who will pick one thing up, and drop it within a few days after my interests have been peaked elsewhere (exercise, I’m looking at you). Honestly, I can’t believe that I’ve managed to keep this up, and I know this may seem incredibly self-indulgent (please avert your eyes WITH HASTE), but I’m proud to say that I’m proud.

This blog has been such an incredible experience for me – I love being able to log on to my computer, and feel as if I am doing something productive with my time, as opposed to sitting and watching youtube (*cough cough* my friends: you know who you are). Creating content has been such amazing fun, and I love that I can just ramble on and on about some inane topic, and people will actually take the time out of their day to read it. Reading and replying to comments has also become my FAVOURITE THING EVER.

Now, I really don’t profess to be any sort of quality blogger by any stretch of the imagination (heck, I hardly consider myself to be a pulled-together human 99% of the time) but I just thought that it would be awesome to share some tips and tricks regarding my blog-starting experience for anyone out there thinking of creating their own blog, and not knowing where to start. Because let’s face it, the internet needs a map.


INVOLVEMENT IS KEY, PEOPLE. It is definitely what sets aside a new blogger, and someone with more credibility. Whether involving yourself in tags, on social media platforms and/or commenting on someone’s blog, all of the above will enable you to widen your social footprint and enable you to feel more immersed in the community. It’s incredible to converse with the whole community- also, 99.8% of the time, the amazing owners of the blogs that you comment on will U-turn and check your blog out as an unspoken sign of recognition. Relationships, and self-promotion all at once?! WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE?!


I feel like a Florence gif will be necessary at every juncture in this blog.

2. Find a common theme.

Now, whether you’re into knitting, stamp collecting, or skateboarding, it’s always good to have some sort of theme that separates you from the crowd. To find out how to make your blogger trademark *stamp* on the community, I’d recommend going to check out Alyssa’s wonderful blog: bloop. It’s full of all sorts of wonderful tips, and bullets to enable you to summarise your space on the internet and entice people to stray into it.

I can affirm that I am a YA Book Muser with a passion for The Walking Dead, Mini Eggs and breakfast assortments *AKA crumpets (yay British stereotypes)*. 

my dedication to Mini Eggs:


3. Post a variety of entertaining (?!) content.

Content is a very personal thing to any blogger, and the work they upload stems from their own mind and being. That being said, I feel as if sometimes you have to delve into the realms of the unknown and post some out-of-the-ordinary content to be noticed – set yourself away from the rest (well, personally I would not set myself too far away because that would require a lot of running if everything came crashing down. ) and be daring in what you upload. People read entertaining works, that’s a fact. Surprises are never a bad thing (well, unless they are) and sometimes uploading a “BAM – you weren’t expecting that!” work is more enjoyable for every party involved.

I feel as if I did not make sense at all there, but hey ho – I hope you understand!


I feel as if this would be a pretty surprising happening. *nods at table hands*


4. It’s not all about the stats & schedules

Even though you may love them, I’d advise against letting your blogging life by overrun with these two *malicious* beings.

Stats tend to hold me back as a blogger, as I’ll wonder why one post hasn’t received as much recognition as the others, and I’ll force myself to never write anything of the sort again. Was it something I did? Posted? Said? Did my gifs annoy everyone? Are people becoming bored of the pancake posts? *AH* Don’t get me wrong, it’s entirely natural and perfectly acceptable to watch how your blog is progressing (we all do it, even the gargantuan bloggers with thousands of readers) but don’t let them make you fret!

Schedules are also something that I am less disposed to liking as a blogger. The way I see it is that yes, regularity is awesome (super cool) but sometimes the ever looming presences of a schedule can hold you back and make you rush a blogpost that you are not as proud of as you should be. If you can’t meet your uploading schedule, I don’t think you should overly panic – there will always be people to read tomorrow, or the day after, and I think that this is one of the main mistakes new bloggers make. *Most likely I won’t have moved at all in those 3 days, and will just be permanently scrolling through blogs, and eating* 

Rushing your initial posts will only serve to diminish your wealth of ideas for future uploads pretty quickly. Don’t let that enthusiasm run out, and leave you trawling along the floor in angst*.


*Legitimately me by the end of any sort of run over 5 yards.



Links are your friend in the blogging world – they are like a window connecting your blog to every other portion of the internet. These compact portals are vital for any sort of progression, and I really recommend you set up some specific social medias and start interacting with the community (see step 1.) whilst subtly SHOVING YOUR LINKS AT THEM WITH DEFINITE FORCE. Bloggers will mostly be more than happy to check out your links, and become involved in your blog – but make sure you do the same for them. Also, if you would like to comment your link on someone else’s blog, I’m not personally against this, but make sure you actually respond to their post first and show interest in them as a human. There’s no use in solely self-advertising, and then fleeing without another word. INTERACTIONS ARE GREAT (I’m pretty sure this is the third time I’ve said that – meh, I totally meant to do that *rule of three* I’M SO PERSUASIVE)



Your Turn

I would love it if you could leave some questions down below for me to answer in a Q and A in the near future – have fun with them, and ask whatever you want (within reason, of course) and I’ll be sure to leave links to your respective blogs/social medias/other form of interaction too!

Before I go, I’d just like to take some time to dedicate my thanks to a few bloggers that have enormously helped me with this blog over the past month. I’d also like to extend the gratitude to anyone/everyone taking the time to read this post, and if you have, for commenting 🙂 You’re all cool humans.

– Lauren @ Always Me = ALWAYS comments on my posts, and involves me within the community. A hugely positive, and inspiring blog that I was immediately drawn to.
– Liz @ Out of Coffee, Out of Mind = so supportive with her comments, and I definitely take tips from her blogposts.
– Geraldine @ Corralling Books = basically a sorcerer, and a massive inspiration for me – a teenager with such a fantastic blog!
– Joey @ Thoughts and Afterthoughts = his posts always make me laugh, and I really appreciate all of his tags and continued support.
– Kirstie @ Upside-Down Books = recommends JUST THE PERFECT BOOKS and runs such an amazing blog.
– Cait @ Paper Fury = HER BLOG IS GOALS. HER PERSONALITY IS RESONATING. HER COMMENTS NEVER FAIL TO MAKE ME SMILE. Cait you are legitimately immortal – such an inspiration for me, from day one.
Not a Florence gif, but I thought it was allowable by any means.

16 thoughts on “Blog-a-versary: one month on | the tips and tricks of starting a blog.

  1. *nods* These are all really good. Paying attention to stats when I was starting out also held me back–stats and comment count. And it is definitely very important to get involved with other bloggers. It can be easy to type away in one corner of the blogosphere and ignore everything else, but bloggers are so much more likely to thrive if they reach out and comment and comment back. It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure that out when I was a newbie blogger. And those comments where people leave only their address and nothing much else really annoy me. Like, I get enough spam comments as it is from spambots and the like. I would rather people didn’t spam me either. *continues rant*

    These are all good bits of advice, and I’m glad you’ve figured them out early. That’s definitely going to be to your advantage. 🙂 Also, HAPPY ONE MONTH BLOGVERSARY! I’m really glad you decided to join the blogosphere! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankyou so much – it’s because of inspiringly amazing blogs like yours that I decided to start this up 🙂

      Commenting on others’ blogs is just THE BEST thing ever. I completely agree about the spammy, no interaction comments that just serve to provide a quick link-back. They just annoy me because I 100% would have checked out the person’s blog if they took the time to engage with the content, but instead they have just plastered their links all over my comment section, and really not made any effort to communicate.


  2. Woohoo!! These tips are great! I use them as well! Confession: I never really use a schedule either. I used to be obsessed with making my blogging calendar all neat and tidy and I guess I kind of still use it but not really! I only just found your blog but HAPPY ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY TO YOUR BLOG!

    Liked by 1 person

    I totally understand hahaha – I’m the same with exercise omggg 😦
    Man, but I totally agree with all your points right here though – I wish that I’d known some of these when I was a newbie! It’s so good that you’ve gotten them figured out!
    Especially with the last tip – I pretty much do this whenever someone has CommentLuv enabled on their blog – I make sure my last blog post is visible haha xD
    I can’t believe I’m an inspiration for you AHAHAHAH xD But maybe, it’s my sorcery working on you?? MAYBE IVE IMPERIUSED YOU OR SOMETHING :O 😛
    It’s been awesome to see how much you’ve done in the past month (I actually still can’t believe it’s been a month) – hope you keep improving and doing more in this blog!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THANKYOU ❤ 🙂

      Hehe, thanks for the kind words also – I've really loved this first month of blogging, and it's solely down to blogs like your's that I have somewhat learnt how to function in this internet space. *showers in gratitude* Thanks for coming on the journey with me (too cliché?) and here's to another month 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Happy blogoversary! Thanks for the shout out – and stopping by my blog so often, too! I’m glad to hear that you like my own little corner of the internet – I’ve definitely been enjoying yours too.

    Interacting with other bloggers is one of my favorite things about doing this – meeting people from all over the world who share your interests is fascinating!

    My questions for your upcoming Q and A:

    1. If you had the chance to interview any author, either alive or dead, who would it be?

    2. Which book world would you live in, if you could never return?

    3. Which book world would you travel to for a week before returning?

    4. If you could have any mystical or magical artifact what would it be?

    5. If you could see any singer/ band in concert who would it be and what song would you hope would be played?

    6. You’re a big fan of The Walking Dead – how would you like to see the show end? Or, are there any character deaths that would make you stop watching?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ahh congrats on the anniversary!!!!!!! And these are some great tips 🙂
    haha yay British stereotypes if they mean we get to eat crumpets and drink tea all day!! haha love the gif of the man trawling on the floor!!
    ooh question time!!
    First question: If you were a superhero what would your power be? And what would your kryptonite be?
    Secondly: Whose you’re favourite superhero?
    And now for the most important question of all: DC or Marvel?
    (sorry that got really superhero related- clearly I’ve got superheroes on the brain- do you even like superheroes? I probably should have asked that before I started bothering you with all these incessant superhero questions!!)

    Liked by 1 person

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