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TBT #3: your life in 10 photographs.



As bloggers, I’m more than sure that you are all well aware of the stigma surrounding the intimidating stature of “TBRs” and the ever-looming nature of a “wish-list”. I thought that to make a change from constantly looking forward, it would be a fun little idea to recollect on my bookish past with a new bi-weekly meme I’m hoping to start here on Intro To Blurb. Primarily, this is for my own personal motivation, and to be able to have a blog prepared every other Thursday (*nods*) but if you like a topic one week, be sure to join in!

If you decide to immerse yourself in emotions of bookish nostalgia one week, feel free to leave links below – I will most certainly check out any/all blogs of the sort! Nostalgia is just the best feeling, and so I hope you would enjoy joining me in this  discussion of all things related to our collective pasts. This week’s theme is:

Your Life In Photographs

That’s it. 10 photographs to describe your life, with no added context. Here goes:



*I’m sorry for disgracing you with my face*

If you could describe your life through 10 photographs, what ones would you pick? I’d love to see your take on this (but, of course, you are entitled to your privacy!).



11 thoughts on “TBT #3: your life in 10 photographs.

  1. This is an awesome post idea!! I LOVE IT. And I’m laughing at the flamingo one?! XD I don’t even know what kind of pictures I’d use..probably 10 of books because books literally describe my life. hehe. ;D

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