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ADELE LIVE: 25 Tour 2016.




*I know this is a stray from the usual uploads on my blog, but I just thought it would be a fun idea to recollect Adele: LIVE for my future remembrance. If you aren’t all that interested, feel free to switch off, but if you want to fan with me in the comments (and COMPLETELY NECESSARILY write your favourite Adele lyrics) I’d love that.*

Adele’s 25 tour was genuinely one of the most incredible experiences of my life so far. One of my best friends, Josh, managed to buy 3 tickets to the Adele concert yesterday for himself, another of our best friends (“Frenchie”) and I. We travelled up to London via the train bubbling with excitement and dizzy with anticipation for what we were about to witness. Adele rose to the stage (LITERALLY ROSE.) at 8pm and as soon as she started singing Hello, we knew this was going to be a night to remember.

Besides being pitch-perfect in every single song, Adele was wondrously humble and absolutely hilarious. I still can’t decide what was more magical: her singing, or her jokes. (I’m going to have to admit that they’re pretty equal in their brilliance).

My resounding highlight(s!) of the night:

  • At the beginning of the concert, the eyes behind her on the big screen open and the word “Hello” belts around the arena followed by eery silence. IT’S WONDROUS AND MAGICAL AND GAH I WOULD WAKE UP TO IT EVERY MORNING IF I COULD.image

  • When the double bass behind her literally snapped in two, and she picked up half of it and joked “who wants some memorabilia?!” before proceeding to walk around HALF of the arena to hand-give it to this lovely woman called Hannah.

  • I Miss You, Rumour Has It, Send my Love (To your New Lover ACOUSTIC), Rolling in the Deep, One and Only, Don’t You Remember and Someone Like You. ALSO: every other song live (but unfortunately that would be cheating).

  • Being able to share this magical experience with two brilliant friends (<3) *voms at self*

Also, I just want to take the opportunity to express just how humble and incredibly integral Adele actually is. She invites so many people to come up on stage, take selfies, and have a laugh with, and the way she swears and talks about whatever’s on her mind is actually amazing – I find it incredible how the industry hasn’t changed how down to earth she truly is! At one point, she pulled up on stage a 16 year old celebrating her birthday and sang Make You Feel My Love with her.

THE CONFETTI WAS ALSO AMAZING AND 100% A NECESSARY DIVERSION EVEN THOUGH WE WERE THEN STUCK IN A QUEUE FOR THE TRAIN ON THE WAY BACK. The little touches like this utterly reinforced the magic nature of the concert. I managed to pick up 10 pieces of the confetti, with lyrics such as:

“it matters how this ends” // “regrets and mistakes they’re memories made” // “hello”

and messages like:

“thanks for coming x” and “all my love, adele” 

seemingly handwritten on them. (*nods* I know that they’re obviously not actually hand-written, but I CAN DREAM.) Josh went all out and was stuffing handfuls in his bag – he managed to pick up about 30 pieces! I meanwhile was carefully making strategically timed jumps in the air and salvaging pieces from under seats. It was hectic, but worth it. I made sure I only took pieces from places in which people weren’t attempting to grab them themselves – I didn’t want to steal anyone’s confetti … that would be a disaster of extreme proportions.

I’m so so so thankful to Josh, not only for buying the tickets and inviting me, but also to him and Frenchie for just being amazing concert-goers and all-round amazing friends. *chunders again*

Sidenote: does it really annoy anyone else when there are people sitting behind you in a concert/sporting arena/other large event that visibly project their annoyance about you standing up to sing along with the songs? I’m sorry but if the people in front of me are also standing, and Adele is singing LIVE, I am going to thoroughly divulge myself in the whole spirit of the concert and stand up to scream the lyrics out. I’m not going to sit down and miss it all when you could just as easily stand up – and I mean, we made sure we didn’t stand up too much as to not totally annoy you. Just me?





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