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March Musings // April TBR

March Rewind

Spring is supposedly in full-swing. Welp, the clouds are still pretty grey and the temperature is still disappointing at best. Hopefully April holds some warmer weather, and is a brilliant calm before GCSEs threaten to consume my life in May. (why is the year going so fast?! I do not approve. AT ALL.)


Until I Die // If I Should Die // Wolf by Wolf

Although I only managed to work my way through 3 books this month (half of my March TBR, shocking I know), I really enjoyed the reads. I think each of these books had some exciting angle to offer that varied from the last one. Besides the Revenants trilogy being absolutely sublime and surpassing all expectation (GAH), Wolf by Wolf also stood out for itself. Because of the relatively slim collection this month, expect full-scale reviews on all 3 books: for starters – UNTIL I DIE




Unbeknownst to me, it seems that the TV was subliminally feeding Bear Grylls this month. Two of his recurring television series both kicked-off this March (namely, The Island and Mission Survive) both of which I enjoy immensely. I feel like any sort of survival situation is a TV show I want to watch, probably because I know I wouldn’t have a hope of surviving myself. Hey ho, let’s just watch how other people cope!

I’ve also really been enjoying Masterchef this month, although the Australian version is still leaps and bounds more exciting. WHY CANT THEY DO THE SAME THING IN ENGLAND?!

Oh, and of course this wouldn’t be a correct compilation with no mention of The Walking Dead. It’s the finale of Season 6 on Monday for me, and I’m overwhelmingly excited, as well as nervous. Eheh, someone’s going to die *cowers*




STATS: 9 posts // 7401 words //  many tags, and a hell of a lot of absence.

What will April bring I hear no one you ask? Hopefully reviews, and I MAY FINALLY WORK THROUGH THIS BACKLOG OF TAGS THAT IS CURRENTLY FEASTING ON MY SOUL.



The unfulfilled promise-lands.png

April TBR

SEKRET – Lindsay Smith // Follow Me Back – Nicci Cloke // The Detour – S. A BODEEN // We Were Liars – E. Lockhart

Casually, the 3 books on my March TBR that I didn’t get around to reading have been shifted to my April TBR. (cheating? *shh no*) The Detour also joins this month’s hopeful reads. I thought 4 books was a little more manageable and achievable for a stressful April. hehe, that’s what I think now…

Your Turn

How was your March? I feel like mine was generally quite productive, if a little lacking in adventure. I feel like exam revision is really constricting my life. I’m thinking of starting a new TV series once this Walking Dead season ends – possibly LOST or GAME OF THRONES – do you have any suggestions?


14 thoughts on “March Musings // April TBR

  1. Don’t mind me whilst I DIE OF JEALOUSY THAT YOU’VE READ IF I SHOULD DIE. Sooon I will buy it. Sooooon. Precisely, the 21st of April when I’m going to an event at a bookstore (and we all know how that will end). I remember the days when I binge watched Bear Grylls, ahh, good times. Also, the answer to why the Australian Masterchef is better is because Australians are so fabulous that no one has any hope of eclipsing us, hehehe *flees*

    Good luck with getting around to everything in April! *cheers you on with pompoms* I’m being super ambitious and hoping to read ten books *conjures lightning* but um, yeah that’s not going to happen. (But I can dream).


    1. Don’t mind me and my swinging in here 2 months late! (oops, apologies – exams are the most time-consuming pest of them all!) IT WAS JUST SO GOOD. Gah, too many emotions pertained by one series ;-;

      Literally Masterchef Australia started again a couple of weeks ago and I have been HOOKED. *double-underlined*

      Liked by 1 person

      1. HE’S ALIVE. How’d exams go? Are you done? CAN WE CONTINUE TO FLAIL TOGETHER NOW? Also, I may not have gotten around to If I Should Die yet, argh! Soon, I promise, soon. And yesss I’ve been avidly watching every episode!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Halfway through and going okay-ish thank you!! Flailing will soon commence!!

        Awh yes! In a selfish way, I’m glad you haven’t read it yet so I can witness your reactions as you read. Who is your favourite on MA?! I’m loving Nicolette, Charlie, Chloe and Heather.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Mm, of course, exam revision always has to get in the way of better things! :/
    Anyway, EEK YOU READ WOLF BY WOLF!! I can’t wait to get around to it – I saw it in the store the other day, decided not to buy it, but NOW I CANT STOP THINKING ABOUT IT – so I’m going back soon to get it! XD

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  3. I recommend Lost, especially the first two seasons – they were by far the best. I’ve watched the first two seasons of Game of Thrones and they are excellent as well. I haven’t watched any of season six of The Walking Dead, but I’m really worried about the well being of Rick and company with the introduction of Negan and Lucille. Good luck on your tbr and your GSCEs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My friend literally raves about Lost … we’re planning on doing a TV swap where he will watch The Walking Dead if I watch it. Gah, summer awaits.

      Speaking of the Walking Dead ahh I may have a heart attack! I’m SO NERVOUS. WHO IS GETTING THE LITERAL BAT?!?!?

      Thanks for stopping by and wishing me luck! Likewise to you for the April ahead!


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