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I’M BACK with 9 long-awaited answers.

Wowowowow. I’m back. *mini-celebrates*


I can only apologise for the extended hiatus; my spring was more hectic than anticipated with GCSEs a-plenty, and it’s taken me a few weeks in Florida to finally recover and de-stress before I felt I could devote the deserved attention to my return to the blog-o-sphere. whelp, I’ve probably been forgotten by now.

I was racking my brain for what kind of blog to return with, to lay upon the metaphorical table and offer to everyone. In the end, I decided that I’m going to have to jot down the answers to my prior post (3 months that is) about the Dragon Loyalty Award because I couldn’t face leaving it unfinished – my brain flat out refused to leave it, even though everyone’s 100% forgotten the questions by now (including myself *this will be interesting*).


Now, let’s hop to it. And I promise regular blogging will resume right after this.


FACT: When I was born, my parents gave me the name Alexander and called me this for 10 minutes, before deciding that actually it really didn’t suit me.

TRUE – and I must say I’m glad they changed, I definitely prefer my name now. (no hate to Alexanders out there)


FACT: My favourite colour is definitely a light orange, but I tend to wear blues/greys because I can never find good orange clothes (most of them look like I’m wearing sick, which definitely isn’t the style I’m aiming for, let’s be honest.)

100% TRUE – 3 months on, still found no attractive orange clothes.


FACT: My favourite TV show of all time is Sherlock

FALSE – I mean, come on, Sherlock is good but it is 100% The Walking Dead. So far, I’ve managed to convert 4 of my friends to watching it, and am still super excited for Season 7 which IS NOW ONLY 3 MONTHS AWAY. How has the year gone this quickly?! October is in 3 months?! It was only just Christmas, I swear…



FACT: I have never broken a bone in my body – personal safety is an essential aspect of life, no?

FALSE – I’ve broken my arm, just the once, when I was seven. It’s a long story that involves being cornered at the top of a slide during an aggressively competitive game of tag with my brother and sister. I still hold it against them. I proceeded to jump off the top of the slide – heroic, I know – and land on my forearm. I ran in crying to my parents, but I tended to cry quite a lot anyway, and so they ended up just assuming it was all exaggerated, and I went to bed after having some Calpol.

… yep, turned out we had to go to A & E at midnight.


FACT: I have never actually watched Mulan, or Pocahontas in my teenage life, and can’t remember if I ever watched them as a child either (don’t shoot me). I always pretend they’re some of my favourite Disney films when they come up in conversation too. *nods along with people talking*. I tend to just say “Colours of the Wind” is my favourite Disney song (which it is) to satiate people’s curiosity and make it seem like I have an opinion.

TRUE – and a big apology to everyone I have lied to over the years.



FACT: I briefly met Justin Bieber and Maisie Williams at a red carpet event – they were both so lovely, and it was such a surreal experience!

TRUE – and I’m still incredulous myself. Two of my best friends and I were at Ed Sheeran’s “Jumpers for Goalposts” film premiere in London, and these two were on his celebrity guest list. They both stopped to take photos with the crowds, and ahhhh they were both so friendly!! I somehow managed to be blocked from 90% of the paparazzi photos though by either Justin’s head, Maisie’s head, or my friends’ heads (which has now become a running joke).

What’s better is that we were randomly given free tickets to go into the cinema by one of the staff. WE ACTUALLY GOT TO WALK THE “ED CARPET”. We walked in behind Olly Murs and it was just one of the most surreal things that has happened in my life, and I’m super glad we were able to experience it.

(I did get a photo with Justin, but I looked too gross in it to post)


FACT: Creme eggs are amazing, and probably my favourite chocolate eatery.

UM, FALSE! – They actually contain egg in the gooey centre, so I’ve never been able to try one. Besides, mini eggs will always be the best chocolate treat.


FACT: I am taking English Literature, History and French for my A-levels. *eek*

Again, FALSE – although half right (I am taking English and History, results-permitting of course!) I haven’t done French for 8 years! Instead, I’m taking Maths and Further Maths. *even more eek*


FACT: Elf is indisputably my go-to Christmas film; my view is that those people who don’t find it funny deserve to be shunned from society. The Polar Express?! Doesn’t come close. Home Alone? It’s okay, but nothing lives up to Buddy the Elf. Heck, I even saw the musical.

TRUE – anyone that disputes this is just plain wrong.



A big s/o to Lauren @ Always MeGeraldine @ Corralling Books, and Kirstie @ Upside-Down Books for all knowing me too well and answering 7/9 correct!


Your TurnHow’s everyone been doing?! It’s been an age, I know, but I’d love to catch-up with you all! I’d love it if you could leave a link to a blogpost since I’ve been gone that I HAVE to check out!




4 thoughts on “I’M BACK with 9 long-awaited answers.

  1. That’s so cool that you met Justin and Maisie!! Not many people can say they’ve accomplished that haha! I guessed the broken bone question correctly because, well, it just seems like every child has broken a bone at one point. It’s just what we do haha! You must see Pocahontas, it’s one of the best Disney movies! Welcome back!


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