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A tag about… ICE-CREAM?! The Ben & Jerry’s Book Tag.


Since my hiatus, I have about 15 tags piled up that I really want to post (I blame Kirstie @ Upside-Down Books for all of them *shakes head disapprovingly* – joking, joking), and I decided to go with the Ben & Jerry’s book tag first, for a couple of reasons:

1. The summer has become so swelteringly hot over the past couple of days – HOW IS ENGLAND AS HOT AS FLORIDA WAS ON MY HOLIDAY?! I mean, are we on Earth, or the Sun? – and so I thought this would be a PERFECT cool-down to the heat.

2. I wanted sympathy because I have never been able to eat a Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream because of my egg allergy. *cues the violins* Really, it’s a massive travesty; FEEL SORRY FOR ME. *grumbles* (it’s okay though because Magnums and Soleros are so good)

Seriously though, this tag looked super fun, and I can’t wait to do it. Nick @ The Paper Dragon tagged me in this one, so a huge thanks to him!


Vanilla Caramel Fudge

Pick a “light and fluffy” contemporary.

I’m going to have to go with a recent read, that jousted Looking For Alaska from my topspot, All The Bright Places. I wouldn’t really refer to it as “light and fluffy” to be honest (so really I don’t know why I answered with it … well done self *applauds*) but I think although the book is emotional, there are definitely moments of extreme highs that are impossible to look past.


Mint Chocolate Cookie

A new release you wish everybody would read.

For starters, MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP IS THE BEST ICECREAM FLAVOUR 110%. I haven’t particularly read any 2016 releases that haven’t been mainstream and everybody and their mother have already read. So, I decided to vouch for an upcoming release that I’m super pumped for: Lauren Oliver’s Replica.


Cherry Garcia

An ending that was bitter-sweet.

I would have to plump for Ready Player One purely for the fact that this is probably my all-time favourite novel, and its ending meant that I no longer could live alongside Wade Watts and Art3mis. It’s not all doom and gloom though BECAUSE THE FILM IS COMING SOMETIME. (I’m not sure how I feel about Simon Pegg being cast as Og though, in all honesty).


Strawberry Shortcake

A book containing your OTP of OTP’s.

I need time to think about this one, please go about your business for a few seconds *tweedles-thumbs*… hmm I’m so indecisive. Spoiler: if you haven’t read If I Should Die, skip the next paragraph (that means you Kirstie!! Don’t want to spoil it all!).


I think I’m going to go for If I Should Die; but not for Vincent and Kate as everyone would expect … for Charlotte and Amborse *confetti*. Although this book was a little cliché, and didn’t really live up to the first two, this relationship going canon is pretty much the highlight of the trilogy for me.

Milk and Cookies

Two authors that if they collaborated, they would go perfectly together.

Although impossible, I’m going to go with Thomas Hardy x Markus Zusak, because I LOVE THEIR TWO WRITING STYLES and I think they would  compliment each other super well. Hardy likes all things nature, and death (AKA his poetry) . Zusak likes colours, and writes quite positively from the perspective of death (AKA The Book Thief). JUST IMAGINE the combination, and the discussions around their table about what approach they should take.

Hardy: “okay so if we kill the main character, I think we should spend the other half of the book writing laments about their death.”

Zusak: “I disagree – we need to spend the whole book talking about their life to make the reader emotionally attached to the character and then BAM, that’s when they die.”

Hardy: “Hmm, I like the misery of it, but it needs more ghosts. Y’know, the reactions of the other people, the hauntings, their festered thoughts, yaddih yaddah.”

Zusak: “Oh, I was pining for everyone to die to be honest.”

IT WOULD BE THE MOST MISERABLE YET BEAUTIFUL BOOK EVER. *the feels*. Now, if only Hardy was still alive…

Boston Cream Pie

A book that had you turning the pages late at night.

Intermission: what even is a Boston Cream Pie and why does it have me hooked late at night?


OKAY, admittedly it does look pretty damn good. But wow it’s actually a cake?! IT’S ALL LIES. Clearly the person who named it didn’t now what an earth they were going on about … but I’ll allow it because it looks so delicious.

Much  like the SORCERY ice-cream of a pie that is actually a cake, Joelle Charboneau’s The Testing had me up at night because of how tense it was. Really, it was just the Hunger Games 2.0, but even the HG had me turning the pages at night. I’m just an avid night-reader, okay? *nods furiously*

Chocolate Therapy

A book that makes you feel better after a long day of life.

Although there are a lot of books that have this impact (I’m not just going to return to one book every time I need a pick-me-up … what am I, an animal?!), I’d have to say that John Green’s Paper Towns is a guilty pleasure (also Ready Player One but I’ve already mentioned that so *shushes self*). The car ride is just so positively indicative and infectious, it’s hard not to read with a smile.



Your Turn

My Tags (sorry if anyone has done it before):
– Geraldine @ Corralling Books
– Kirstie @ Upside-Down Books
– Lauren @ Always Me
– Amber @ BookStacksAmber
– Emily @ Paperback Princess
– annnnnnd you! This is such a fun tag, besides making you massively hungry, and I’d love to see any other responses – leave them in the comments and I’ll be sure to check them out!

Whelp, I don’t know about you, but I’m off to go eat some ice-cream. What’s your favourite flavour?



5 thoughts on “A tag about… ICE-CREAM?! The Ben & Jerry’s Book Tag.

  1. Thank you for tagging me! This one looks really great!

    I haven’t read Ready Player One yet, but I’ve been hearing SO many good things about it, I will have to pick it up soon. Also Replica–I am so excited for it to be released. *sits on edge of seat*

    Boston Cream Pie is a lie. Whoever invented it was clearly hoping to mess with people’s minds. But hey, it’s delicious, so all is forgiven.

    YES. Mint Chocolate Cookie is the best flavor ever. *nods*

    Also, that stinks that you can’t eat Ben & Jerry’s. *sad face*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No problem!! I’m looking forward to seeing your take on it!

      YOU HAVE TO READ READY PLAYER ONE. It’s a downright necessity, really. *nods*

      Mint chocolate chip will forever be the superior icecream flavour; it is what it says on the tin (or tub, that is!) unlike Boston Cream Pie *grumbles*

      Thanks for swinging by 🙂


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