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9 reasons to hop on over to social media if you’re a starter-blogger (or an old blogger) (or just a human in general)

Recently, I’ve been sucked into the world of social media under the face of my blogging profile. I was already on platforms such as Instagram (for my personal account) but I have never EVER been a fan of Twitter … until I REALISED HOW PERFECT A PLATFORM IT IS FOR BLOGGERS.

Even though many have mastered the likes of tweeting already, I thought I’d create a quick compilation of why social media is fun/useful/NECESSARY for any blogger, and am using my experience of being in the dark for too long to warn you to become social sprouts and hop on over to a media platform ASAP (if you haven’t already).


An obvious one: it allows you to connect with book (or other) bloggers JUST LIKE YOU.


The world is your oyster.


You find yourself eyeing up EVERY POSSIBLE PIECE OF FOLIAGE IN YOUR VICINITY for bookstagram, and you end up making mental conversations with yourself about the suitability of said plants/the colour schemes/the prop tie-ins. Book photography will change the world, and you’re part of the game.



If you’re incredibly lazy, and confused 90% of the time (like myself), receiving BOOKISH UPDATES has never been so simple. You can interact with authors/bookish fans/publishing companies too, which is always a bonus.


You can support other peoples’ blogs, and help them out by promoting their posts. I don’t know if it’s the same for everyone, but one-on-one social media interaction just seems more personal.  but make sure you don’t talk to anyone who may wish to locate, and stab you; that’s always a big NO-NO.



PEOPLE MAY SOMETIMES-OCCASIONALLY-ACTUALLY-MAYBE FIND YOUR INANE WONDERINGS HUMOUROUS. Retweets become a nefarious benchmark of your self-worth as a person.


Book bloggers are notorious for their IMMENSE USAGE OF GIFS TO EXPRESS HUMAN EMOTION. But between us, GIFS ARE SOMEHOW MORE FUN ATTACHED TO AN ISOLATED THOUGHT OF 140 CHARACTERS OR LESS. Also the gif implementation is super easy, which is perfect for someone as lazy as me.



Twitter and Bookstagram hashtags are the best fun to scroll through, and pick up inspiration from! They make it SO EASY to find new, and exciting bloggers. (again, I’m lazy). Likewise, use hashtags yourself! Get yourself out there, and increase your interaction!


The real depth of Twitter is conveyed through emojis. It’s basically the easiest way to convey your personality, and a sassy smirking emoji is the best compliment for an equally brash opinion.


You get to read things about bloggers, THAT AREN’T ABOUT THEIR BLOG. Sometimes, it feels like we’re stuck in a blogging-bubble and everything revolves around it, BUT NO, THERE ARE REAL PEOPLE OUT THERE TOO. I know it may be creepy, but I take great interest in reading about peoples’ embarrassing daily moments, and confessions of eating 8 packets of oreos in one sitting. It’s nice to break free from the blogging chat, if only for a second.


I would be dumb if I didn’t take this opportunity to plug my socials:

Twitter – @Intro2Blurb

Instagram – @IntroToBlurb

Why do you LOVE using social media as a side-platform for blogging? Was there anything I missed? Feel free to leave your @handles down below!



11 thoughts on “9 reasons to hop on over to social media if you’re a starter-blogger (or an old blogger) (or just a human in general)

  1. YES. It took me a long time (er… About a year) to get into social media, but now that I am, I don’t know how I did without it! Instagram is so great for a creativity outlet, and Twitter is the BEST for interaction. And you’re right- on my blog, I only share the big things! On Twitter, my true self is revealed- tripping, making people hush while I finish reading, and the problem of having to stop reading to socialize with family.

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  2. Social media is SO IMPORTANT to a blog and to me, Twitter is my favorite aspect of being on a blog. The conversations I have on Twitter with fellow book blogger’s are so enjoyable and hilarious sometimes! Plus bookstagram pictures are so beautiful too!

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  3. Twitter is a great platform for bloggers. And, it’s definitely interesting to see what people are getting up to aside from books and blogging for a change! 🙂

    I’ve never had an instagram account, but I’ll admit I like looking at bookish photos.

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