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Cornwall + V Fest 2016

Now, I know that this is different to the usual content on my blog, but I’ve decided to utilise this post to document what has been an incredible summer for me – if you’re not interested, it’s completely fair enough and I won’t hold it against you forever more if you switch off now. I just decided that this blog is just as much my personal space, as it is about books!


Last week I went to Cornwall with 3 of my friends, and we stayed near Rock, in a ferry’s distance from Padstow.The weather held up (sort of), and WE ACTUALLY RECIEVED SOME SUNSHINE *praises* which wasn’t looking particularly likely due to the horrible first couple days.

Whilst there we went body-boarding, in which I completely obliterated my friends – it wasn’t that I was particularly skilled, but they were all just crap at it!! The waves were so big though, and at one point, we went for lunch and left our supplies on the rocks about 100 metres from shore. We went to go and get pizza (of course), and when we arrived back, 15 minutes later, we were greeted with the sight of a family hauling our possessions from a a now flooded rock-face, which was soon to be completely drowned. The tide had come in so much, it was crazy!

We also went crazy golfing, and participated in a pub quiz aimed at people about 8 times our age (which we awkwardly had to leave when they collected in the answers for fear of total embarrassment). I also may have managed to eat 7 pizzas in 4 days… COULD I HELP MYSELF? NO. PIZZA SHOULD BE CONSUMED AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY. 


Anyways, thanks to my friends for a brilliant week away from home (if they’re even reading this, because I doubt any of them actually can be bothered to half the time!) Here are some of my favourite photos of the week:

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V Festival 2016

A few days ago now, I bundled off with a group of my friends to my first ever festival, in (hopeful) celebration of our GCSE results. V Festival was everything I hoped it would be, and more, and boasted some incredible artists that had/have a firm place in my favourites. With optimistic, and unsuspecting dispositions, we jostled our way to Hylands Park (in Chelmsford, Essex) and the mood pretty much surmised a young child’s birthday party. Even the torrential/unpredictable/downright unacceptable British weather couldn’t dampen the hopeful expectations of the weekend to come.

Although our tent was laden with mould, and none of us could stammer the energy to bother to peg the ground sheet out properly (oops), it served us well and wasn’t actually half as bad as I expected. It turns out, I don’t particularly mind camping, especially if live music is on the line! What isn’t as pleasant is WET WIPE BATHS. My affinity for small, damp toiletries stretches about as far as the fact that they’re practical. I don’t think anyone could ever justifiably describe the feeling of wiping your entire body with what is essentially, a glorified moist rag.


The pitfalls of camping notwithstanding, the live music was actually SO GOOD. Although the line-up for V-fest was particularly pop-revolving, I enjoyed it all and had such a great time! My particular favourite performances were:


They have always been one of my all-time favourite bands, and they receive so much unnecessary stick in my opinion. DAN GETS EVERYONE SO HYPED and the whole audience vibe was incredible; especially during Good Grief, and Pompeii. I didn’t even care when everyone around us stared at me when I recited the weird female speaking bit in Fake It and Good Grief.

They also did a cover of No Scrubs which AFFIRMED LIFE.

Favourite Songs: No Scrubs (cover), Fake It, Good Grief.


Jess Glynne

I’ve never considered myself a massive fan of Jess. Not to say I dislike her music, because I have no reason to, but I would have never thought it would have been at the top of my list. HOWEVER, she was probably the best suited to the whole festival, and was so brilliant in involving the crowd. ALSO, WHO KNEW SHE DANCED?! I’ve now gone and purchased her album, for the 3 extra songs that she hasn’t managed to make famous/release as singles yet, aha!

Favourite Songs: I Feel For You (Cover), Ain’t Got Far To Go, Take Me Home

Walking On Cars

Although they were pretty much the least well known act of the whole line-up (kudos to anyone who knows who they are!), I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEIR ALBUM. It’s incredible, and my god can Patrick Sheehy sing (I still find it incredible when artists sound identical to their album).

Favourite Songs: Speeding Cars, Two Stones

Lukas Graham

The whole band were so humbled, and I never expected them to draw such a large and involved crowd! I’ve loved their album for a few months now, especially all the personal intricacies and stories, so I was chuffed to see it transformed so brilliantly in live-form.

Favourite Songs: (Acoustic) Mama Said, Strip No More, Funeral.


I know ANTI is criticised super heavily, but I actually really love the whole album; Rihanna’s stage presence (and accent/looks/voice) is pretty hard to top, and she created the PERFECT playlist of songs to perform. While keeping newer fans satisfied with 5 or 6 tracks from ANTI, she appealed to the whole crowd with such brilliantly-festival suited throwback songs from her repertoire (such as Cake, Where Have You Been, Bitch Better Have My Money etc). She absorbed us all so much, we weren’t even focussing on the drunk women behind us peeing on the floor (seriously, who does that as a functioning human?!).

Favourite Songs: Needed Me, Kiss It Better, Same Ol’ Mistakes


My highlights of the weekend weren’t just restricted to these acts though – I also loved buying churros and sitting at the back of a morning crowd to watch smaller, more integral artists. We visited Katherine Ryan at the Glee Club Comedy Tent, and she was absolutely hilarious. We also took a trip to the Silent Disco on the first night: this involves everyone having headphones on, and being played music by two DJs that you can switch between depending on your song preference. All 6000 people in that tent SCREAMING the lyrics and jumping about created the best atmosphere of the whole weekend.


Although it was all so good, and I’d love to share more snippets of it, I didn’t take very many photos/videos (if any, really) of the weekend. My reasons were two-fold:

  1. I was pulling the cliché “living in the moment” malarkey
  2. Whenever I take videos of my favourite musicians, you’re always able to hear my screaming rather than the actual artist. It’s such an issue (even more so, because I can’t sing for toffee).



Thankyou to everyone who made this weekend so special, and worth the extortionate cost!!

Bring on next year! Have you ever been to a festival? Who did you see? What were your highlights?!


9 thoughts on “Cornwall + V Fest 2016

  1. Ooh, this sounds like it was super exciting! Thank you for sharing about it! I really enjoy reading posts like this, tbh. They always make me smile. I haven’t seen any of these artists live, but now I really want to because they sound awesome.

    Also, that comment about the drunk woman peeing on the floor made me laugh for an embarrassingly long time. That happened far too often when I was living in Africa, except the people weren’t drunk, and it was in the middle of the road. #awkward

    Your pizza-eating accomplishments are impressive. Now I’m craving pizza, and I had some two days ago.

    I’ve never had churros before. What do they taste like?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, it really was!! Glad you liked it 🙂

      Ahh that sounds horrific!! Pizza is definitely a necessity in every aspect of life (maybe not in my quantity though … oops!)

      Churros taste like an amalgamation of donuts, heaven and cinammon – they’re so good, especially when dipped in chocolate!!

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  2. THE V FEST LINE UP LOOKED SO AMAZING! Going was obviously out of the question for me because I don’t live in the UK but if I had seen Little Mix live I WOULD HAVE DIED! Seems like you had a great time, great photos!


    1. AHH IT WAS SO GOOD!! I feel like you should move, if only for the festivals aha!! (the weather is probably better in 98% of other countries, excluding Greenland and maybe Iceland?)

      We actually managed to see Little Mix (by chance that is! – we were waiting in the crowd for Rihanna xD), and they were really good live! Not entirely my thing, but they certainly put on a show and involved the audience!!

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  3. Wow! It sounds like you guys had a great time – so many good performers were there!

    I’ve never been to a music festival, but I’ve been to plenty of events featuring excellent musicians – most recently I went to the Bob Evans Farm Festival last October down in Rio Grande, Ohio (about a 2 1/2 hour drive to get there). They always have local and well known bluegrass acts. They actually had Rhonda Vincent and the Rage last year, and they’re one of those bands that sound just as good, if not better, in person!


    1. Yeah, it was incredible thanks!!

      Ooo that sounds interesting!! (and worth the long drive it sounds!). I love bands/acts that sound either above, or on a par with their albums. ITS SO REFRESHING TO SEE ACTUAL SINGERS WHO CAN, WELL, SING!


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