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August round-up; September TBR (seriously, where are the months going?!)

August Round Up

This is now verging on ridiculous. It feels like just yesterday that I was doing my GCSEs, and looking forward to an ambitious summer ahead, and now it’s all suddenly behind me, and I’m facing the mad flurry of stationary, school-bags, and suits before returning to Sixth form in a week’s time. IT’S MAD!

How's life?

August has been pretty great; not only did I go on holiday with friends for the first time, but I also went to my first ever festival. (you can read about that here!). Other than that, and a few eclectic trips shopping, or going to the cinema (etc), the month has entailed a whole lot of chilling. Am I opposed to that? Not in the slightest! It’s been a welcome break after the gruelling GCSEs, even if it has gone so quickly (in a slow way, if that makes any sense? No, okay then). It’s absolutely crazy to think that I’ve been off for over 2 months, and that I’m right around the corner from being thrown into the deep end again and returning to scheduled school days.

My sleeping pattern weeps in anticipation.

As per, here’s my scattered thoughts summarised by tidy headings (because I like to trick my brain into feeling organised):


*and breathe*

At the end of July, I set myself a clearly over-ambitious TBR that bubbled at the seams with hyperbolic aspirations. I somehow (?!) managed to work through 7 books, and am so happy with the selection I read, even if it didn’t stick entirely to my original list (I’m not one for structure, okay?)

Ratings (reviews will all *hopefully* be up by mid-September)


3 stars

I loved the character development, and general plotline/progression of it all, but I really didn’t care for the Simon Snow tangents (I skipped them in all honesty).

A Court Of Thorns And Roses

5 stars

My favourite read of the month (I’m sorry Perks, Illuminae *gestures*); who knew I’d be so in to a world of faeries, monsters and ghouls?

Everything Everything

5 stars

A humble, bashful story that is equal parts heart-warming, and heart-wrenching, with a whole host of substance.


3.5 stars

A middle-grade book with a brilliant concept, likeable characters, and an insightful journey through the brain.

And Then The Sky Exploded

4 stars

A tactful and humbling exploration of the long-stretching effects of the Hiroshima bombing.


5 stars

Aside from the presentation (which was genuinely incredible), the actual story was pretty fantastic. Love it!

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

5 stars



Currently Reading


Finding Dory

I HAD SUCH HIGH HOPES FOR THIS FILM, BUT WAS LEFT BITTERLY DISAPPOINTED. As much as I loved the franchise, I’m pretty sure I’ve now completely outgrown it; this film felt overly-manufactured to me, and as if they took everything that worked in Finding Nemo, and stuffed it into what is essentially the same story, but headed by a different fish. I know it’s her character, but Dory’s line “I have short term memory loss” actually started to grate on me, as much as it did the other characters in the film.


Suicide Squad

Boasting some incredible names (and that’s coming from a self-proclaimed film rookie who can’t separate one actor from another), this film was a must-see. It was pitched brilliantly in my opinion: the perfect conglomeration of humour, with action, and just enough backstory to make you care about a character, without boring you to death with nuances about their life.


THE OLYMPICS (of course).

I really don’t participate in/watch a whole lot of sport at all, but I surely make up for it in 2 weeks every 4 years. I. AM. GLUED. I don’t even know why I love it so much (maybe it’s my competitive nature?) but the Olympics has me hooked from start to finish. It’s also a bruce-y bonus when Great Britain surpasses all expectations! sorry China

Great British Bake Off

Besides the Olympics, this quaint baking show (which is actually anything but) probably makes me the most patriotic I ever am. I actually feel sorry that other countries don’t have the opportunity to witness Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood critiquing amateur bakes in an oversized tent, usually to the backdrop of a rainy British day. Is it a thing in other countries?! DO YOU HAVE EQUIVALENTS?! If not, you need this fix in your life.


My playlist this month is loosely V Fest based (see: Justin Bieber, Walking On Cars, Rihanna etc) as I was desperately trying to learn lyrics in order to scream them at the festival.

Album of the Month: “I Cry When I Laugh” – Jess GlynneInspired by her V Fest performance, I downloaded her album (I’m late to the party, I know) and wow was I pleasantly surprised!! IT’S ALL SO GOOD. I even prefer the album songs to the ones she released as singles; “Home”, “Strawberry Fields” and “Why Me” have been on a constant loop this week!


My personal favourite posts to write this month:

Post showcase!:

Amy @ Every Book You Need To Read And More showcased her TV Favourites, and it was glorious in so many ways…


… and Cait @ Paper Fury listed the 10 necessary qualities of all book bloggers!


Looking Ahead


As some of you might know, I’ve been participating in the #ReadThemAllThon and owing to my personal week off for V fest, results day, and other things, my progress has been slightly hampered. I’m 5 books in, with 3 still to go (and only 4 days to read them in. Joy!). I probably won’t manage to get through them all, but I thought I’d at least try and be optimistic.

Hopefully the new school year doesn’t impede too much on my free-blogging time. If I wobble in activity, I’ll try my best to stay on track!


Scream Queens season 2 is coming, and I’m so ready for it. I JUST LOVE THAT SHOW. It’s risky humour, and stunning cast make for some excellent viewing. I’m planning a re-watch with my friend before the new season kicks off too; I’m just a tad obsessed. 


The film “Sausage Party” hits cinemas in a few days, and the trailer looks absolutely hilarious!



How’s your August been?! ARE YOU AS (PREMATURELY) PUMPED FOR CHRISTMAS AS I AM?! What are you hoping September brings?


10 thoughts on “August round-up; September TBR (seriously, where are the months going?!)

  1. Six of Crows and Illuminae were two of my favorite books of 2015, so I am so glad you are reading / read them. 🙂 I can’t wait to read your reviews. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’M SO GLAD YOU LOVED ILLUMINAE!!! I actually haven’t read the other books you read last month, but Perks, Everything, Everything, and ACOTAR have been on my TBR pile for ages, so maybe I will get to them soonish. *crazed laughter* Anyway, congrats on your reading accomplishments! 😀

    Also, I’m buying Nevernight as soon as I get my paycheck, so I’m hoping to read that in September too. 😛 IT LOOKS SO GOOD.

    I still have yet to see Finding Dory and Suicide Squad. I’m hoping I’ll get the chance to soon.

    I’m pumped for Christmas too, but I would say I’m more pumped for autumn because it’s my favorite season. November is the best month of the year, in my opinion. 😛

    I hope school goes well! (I don’t envy you. :P)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. IT WAS NEFARIOUSLY GOOD *nods*. I’d definitely recommend all of those 3 in a heartbeat!

      I luckily managed to win a copy in a giveaway, and am super excited to dive head-first into another Kristoff work (given Illuminae was so stunning!) LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU READ IT! Maybe we could buddy-read?

      Autumn is definitely a fab season – I think mine is probably Winter. I mean, it has Christmas, my birthday, snow, hot drinks and bundles of clothing. YES PLEASE.

      Thankyou aha! I don’t envy myself either *shakes head quickly*


      1. I will have to up them on my priority list. 🙂

        Ooh, congratulations! The US edition doesn’t come out for seven days yet, and it will probably be another five days before I get it. But I’ll definitely let you know when I get it, in case you still want to buddy read. 🙂

        Also, I totally forgot to tell you–I finished Feed and I really enjoyed it. I don’t think it was the most well-written book of ever, but it was fun and different. I gave it four stars. 🙂

        Winter is great too–especially Christmas and my birthday. 🙂


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