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Music Monday: Bastille, Wild World.


I’ve never participated in my friend Lauren @ Always Me’s “Music Monday” before, but I decided that the time was so apt owing to the release of one of my all time favourite artist’s second album. That being said, I still loved reading everyone elses’ music-inspired posts, and following their lead (because I am so suggestible), in finding brand new people to listen to!

Anyways, thankyou Lauren, for allowing me to streamline my enthusiasm into an actual post!

~ see my V. Fest post here where I talk about the experience of seeing Bastille (among other artists) live! ~


It’s been a week and a half now since Bastille’s second LP, Wild World, was released, theoretically giving it some time to sink in. I now feel in a healthier place to tell you that it is honestly so good, and was everything that I had been hoping for throughout the lengthy gap between now, and their debut album: Bad Blood.

Even with a more matured sound, and tackling some contentious and relevant issues, Bastille have continued with the legacy of their anthemic and catchy take on the soft rock/pop genre. Splicing in more electronic backing and instrument focussed composition than their first album, their second LP provides its own set of memorable, emotional and ultimately vulnerable tunes to contend with the stand-outs from Bad Blood.

Another evolution from their outstanding debut album (which receives so much unjust criticism, in my view) is the inclusion of vintage film quotes to enhance the meaning behind each track, and the headspace of Dan Smith. Here’s one from The Currents:

“When anybody preaches disunity to pit one of us against the other…
you know that person seeks to rob us of our freedom and destroy our very lives”

Although I’ve only had a week to listen the album over, I would estimate I’ve run through each song around and about 50 times. My stand-outs have to be: Two Evils (which resonates with the sound of Oblivion from the old album, and propels it into the present day with some insightful themes), Four Walls (The Ballad of Perry Smith – focussed on the execution of Perry Smith, and Dan’s conflicting views on capital punishment) and Way Beyond (which sounds like some strange Maroon 5-meets-Justin Timberlake concoction, but is obviously 100 times better due to the Bastille stamp).


As of recently, I also love the head-strong attitude of Power, and the entire message behind The Currents – a song aimed at politicians who use their podium to spew nonsensical verses of unjust priority (*clears throat* Donald Trump anyone?)

I’ve scattered a few of their Vevo Presents videos around this blogpost, as they don’t actually have any music videos out yet (bar Good Grief), and they sing so well live anyway that the songs are all done justice. There’s also a couple of my favourite quotations from their songs, proving just how poetic and magical they are as songwriters.

Movies and news on television
Sometimes it’s hard to tell the differences oh
When real life’s more f***ed up than fiction
Do you wanna be free of this?

I think I’ll wrap up this post here, or else I’ll just be spewing on and on about how FANTASTICALLY WONDERFULLY BRILLIANT this LP is, and you’ll probably all be so put off by my verbal-diarrhea that it will end up being counter productive. I just think it’s absolutely extraordinary that an album can be so relevant to its time, yet still be open for the masses to enjoy. Bravo, Bastille *hails*. See you in November (which can’t come soon enough!) ~


How’s everyone been? HAS ANYONE LISTENED TO THIS ALBUM YET?! THOUGHTS? Leave links to any other musical posts below, and I’ll be sure to give them a looksy!



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