Behind The Blogger

I guess you could say that I am just your average teenager. 

(Well, except for my all-consuming obsession with all things blogging, The Walking Dead, and Ed Sheeran.)


I’m 17 (going on 18… as is conventional with time passing, well done self.), and have 3 siblings, 3 dogs and 1 personal fixation on taking the lid off of a yoghurt without any remnants. My free time is usually consumed by school, homework, and all the trimmings, but I’ve decided to attempt to undertake the task of juggling that with a blog. I have been so inspired by other teen, and YA book-or similar-bloggers, and decided to give it a go myself rather than sit stagnantly on the sidelines wishing I was involved. I won’t lie to you, my activity flits in and out more than I would care for, and I’m not always prone to posting the most conventional content, but in a way I like that. This blog has become something of a memory box for me: a hodge podge of random posts, random interests, and random gifs all explaining who I thought I was at the time of writing. And for that I am grateful: rather than just looking at the photos I may have taken over the past few years, or the calendar events I’ve enjoyed, reading my own written words only enhances the nostalgia.
Before I divulge into the nitty-gritty of where the blog arose from, I would just like to take advantage of your attention, to thank you on checking in on my little spot in the internet! I do hope you enjoy it here, and that my content appeals to you in some form or another – even if you find it so dreadful that you feel inspired to show me how it’s done.

Behind The Blog (written Feb 2016)

I decided to start this blog ‘Intro-To-Blurb’ because I love to write and have ever since I can remember. As I am writing this at the start of my blogging journey, opening ITB seems like a great idea for me to broaden and expand my writing, and coerce myself into reading more, and feeling more confident in what I do. Who knows, two weeks in I might be thinking something wildly different as I desperately drink galloons of tea to try and keep up to date with everything. (I hope not, but I’m not promising myself anything)

The name Intro to Blurb is meant to represent how this is going to be my little spot to splurge inane word-vomits regarding a multitude of book, film and lifestyle-related happenings. Polar highs, and lows are probably going to be experienced, but I feel like ITB will encapsulate this little internet journey as its own tangible affair.

Goals with the blog? Nothing particular – I guess my end-goal is just to be able to string together some sort of semi-sensical sentences, and hope that you enjoy my content whilst having fun myself.
Was that too cliché? I think so. *voms*

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