Behind The Blogger

As a 19 year old student, blogging is just one of the facets of life that I’m exploring before I reach full-fledged adulthood and have to fend for myself in this world (see also: trying to figure out if I actually enjoy coffee or not, trying to master the art of university budgeting, and working out a sleep schedule that bags me 8 hours a day over the course of 4 naps).


Writing has always grabbed me ever since I was young, and I love the platform that this blog offers int he fact I can ramble on inanely and return to read back my post history whenever I fancy. I take a lot of inspiration from my friends on this – and by that I mean, I take inspiration from them all saying that they enjoy reading whatever I manage to put out on this site (or at least, that’s what they say anyway). Seriously though, I have found myself the most supportive group of friends that never quite let me lose sight of this blog. It might be 6 months between posts, it might be a different variable and indefinite amount of time – sorry about that, here’s hoping to consistency in 2019? – but their willing me from the sidelines always keeps this blog close to my heart.

This blog has ultimately evolved (yes, we’re signalling some sort of progression here, but who knows if that’s true) into something of a memory box for me: a hodge podge random posts, random interests, and random gifs all explaining who I thought I was at the time of writing. For this I am so grateful. Rather than perusing the archives of photos I’ve taken, or events I’ve scrawled into my mostly pretty redundant calendar, reading my own words is a whole new subset of nostalgia. I would recommend everyone to write a blog if they had at least half a grain of interest. If you think about it, the humble Instagram caption, or a small journal entry, also serve the same purpose, but the prospect of having your own little space on the Internet is so much cooler to me.

That draws me to my closing admin – namely, taking advantage of your attention to thank you for whatever quantifiable amount of time you spend glossing over my blog. I really do hope you find something here you resonate with, even if its simply you finding the content so dreadful you feel inspired to show me how it’s done.

Behind The Blog (written Feb 2016)

I decided to start this blog ‘Intro-To-Blurb’ because I love to write and have ever since I can remember. As I am writing this at the start of my blogging journey, opening ITB seems like a great idea for me to broaden and expand my writing, and coerce myself into reading more, and feeling more confident in what I do. Who knows, two weeks in I might be thinking something wildly different as I desperately drink galloons of tea to try and keep up to date with everything. (I hope not, but I’m not promising myself anything)

The name Intro to Blurb is meant to represent how this is going to be my little spot to splurge inane word-vomits regarding a multitude of book, film and lifestyle-related happenings. Polar highs, and lows are probably going to be experienced, but I feel like ITB will encapsulate this little internet journey as its own tangible affair.

Goals with the blog? Nothing particular – I guess my end-goal is just to be able to string together some sort of semi-sensical sentences, and hope that you enjoy my content whilst having fun myself.
Was that too cliché? I think so. *voms*

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