Blogs I Can’t Quite Get Enough Of

*bloop* unfortunately, as this blog is fairly new, I haven’t gotten around to creating this section yet. Trust me, it will be done soon – feel free to give me a poke. *bloop*

EDIT: here’s some of my favourite blogs, but expect this to be refined over the coming days with various buttons and such.

– Lauren @ Always Me = ALWAYS comments on my posts, and involves me within the community. A hugely positive, and inspiring blog that I was immediately drawn to.

– Liz @ Out of Coffee, Out of Mind = so supportive with her comments, and I definitely take tips from her blogposts.
– Geraldine @ Corralling Books = basically a sorcerer, and a massive inspiration for me – a teenager with such a fantastic blog!
– Joey @ Thoughts and Afterthoughts = his posts always make me laugh, and I really appreciate all of his tags and continued support.
– Kirstie @ Upside-Down Books = recommends JUST THE PERFECT BOOKS and runs such an amazing blog.
– Cait @ Paper Fury = HER BLOG IS GOALS. HER PERSONALITY IS RESONATING. HER COMMENTS NEVER FAIL TO MAKE ME SMILE. Cait you are legitimately immortal – such an inspiration for me, from day one.


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