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DIVIDE. ED SHEERAN. NO WORDS. (track-by-track review)

(sorry this is so long, I’m clearly just over-excited/obsessed/mentally unnerved by Divide’s brilliance – feel free to ignore everything I’m saying and just look at the pretty blue graphics)   Can we just all take a minute to let all other comparatively inane thoughts fade into insignificance, and devote our deserved attention on Divide, Ed… Continue reading DIVIDE. ED SHEERAN. NO WORDS. (track-by-track review)

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Music Monday: Bastille, Wild World.

I’ve never participated in my friend Lauren @ Always Me’s “Music Monday” before, but I decided that the time was so apt owing to the release of one of my all time favourite artist’s second album. That being said, I still loved reading everyone elses’ music-inspired posts, and following their lead (because I am so suggestible), in… Continue reading Music Monday: Bastille, Wild World.

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TBT #3: your life in 10 photographs.

  As bloggers, I’m more than sure that you are all well aware of the stigma surrounding the intimidating stature of “TBRs” and the ever-looming nature of a “wish-list”. I thought that to make a change from constantly looking forward, it would be a fun little idea to recollect on my bookish past with a… Continue reading TBT #3: your life in 10 photographs.