My Review Policy

Intro To Blurb is currently accepting (at my own discretion) e-ARCs, -galleys, -books and print-ARCs amongst a selection of book (or other) products.


All reviews will be fair, honest and justifiable however I will always try to be positive, and enthusiastic regarding a product. A few things to bear in mind:

– The books/products I accept are at my own discretion. Indie, or self-publishers will not be at any sort of disadvantage – if there is a book that interests me, I will happily review it whatever the background in most circumstances.

– I will try to post all reviews within a two-week span, or on the specified date of release you provide. Unfortunately, as this is a hobby and not a job, I am obligated to take slightly longer than expected if the circumstance arises. All reviews will be posted on this website, and linked to my Twitter feed.

– Reviews will be honest, but positive – I will never try to dissuade anyone from purchasing a copy of your book/product, nor bash an author/company.

– I love receiving ARCs, and reviewing pieces of literature from a broad spectrum of genres (including, but not exclusive to):

  • Middle Grade
  • Teen // YA
  • Poetry
  • Fantasy // Magical Realism // Sci-Fi
  • Fiction // Historical Fiction
  • Crime Fiction // Mystery // Thriller
  • Romance
  • Horror
  • Comedy

However please note, I am not willing to review any erotica/non-fiction/religious works.

My Book Reviews

All of my reviews tend to follow these general formatting titles:

An Overview of Opinions

  • An eclectic corroboration of my overriding thoughts towards the book: both initial, and post-reading.
  • This section tends to gauge whether or not I enjoyed the book, and highlights some key themes I will later discuss in detail.
  • Author information.

The Plotline

  • A spoiler-free glance into the main themes of the plot line and my immediate reaction to them.

The Characters

  • A small dissection of the key characters met in the book, and my reactions to them.

The good and bad

  • A bullet-point list into what I loved about the book, and what I thought could have been improved.

The Verdict

  • An overrarching judgement echoing the opening of the review. I will give the book a rating (out of 10) based on four main topics: Concept, Plot, Characters, Writing and then average the score to give a measure out of 5 stars. An example metric can be seen here:

Die for me



If you wish to contact me regarding a review, feel free to email me at and remember to state the review format, a short synopsis, and a preferred deadline – thanks!